Local Government

Local governments play an important role in delivering services, both state-mandated and community-inspired, to residents. They also face unique challenges and opportunities in meeting demands from residents, employees, the state budget, and federal legislation. With some of the state's premier experts on local government, Blue Sky Consulting Group is in a position to assist clients with a broad range of local-level public policy issues.

Featured Projects

Changing the Business Tax in the City and County of San Francisco

The "great recession" has caused governments at all levels to reevaluate their budgets in an effort to do more with less. In 2010, the City and County of San Francisco sought help in evaluating a series of changes to the city's business tax system. We aided the city in evaluating both the fiscal and economic effects of proposed changes to the city's business tax. Our analysis helped point the way toward a tax system that could raise additional revenue with a minimal impact on the city's economy.

The Local Impact of Casino Expansion

Tribal Casinos have the potential to increase local economic activity, but they can also increase costs for local governments. We have analyzed the fiscal and economic effects of several casino  projects. By employing a custom fiscal and economic impact model that we developed, we were able to provide strategic advice to our local government clients as they negotiated financial agreements with casino developers.

An Analysis of Split Roll Property Tax Proposals

In 2009, Blue Sky Consulting Group analyzed the revenue impact of split roll property tax proposals for the California Tax Reform Association. To do so, we developed a simulation model to estimate the impact of these proposals - on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction basis - under a variety of scenarios and assumptions. The analysis required the construction of a property database with more than 5 million records.