With the passage of AB 32, The Global Warming Solutions Act, in 2006, California has become a hotbed of environmental policy initiatives on climate change. Blue Sky Consulting Group has worked on a number of these efforts, utilizing our consulting team's expertise in economics and the environment. The Blue Sky Consulting Group team also has significant expertise on other environmental issues such as air quality, pollution regulations, renewable energy, and conservation.

Featured Projects

California Carbon Challenge

Next 10's Carbon Challenge engages Californians in the process of meeting the state's greenhouse gas reduction goals. The nonpartisan internet tool allows users to call the shots on which carbon reduction strategies to pursue. Based on research and modeling by Blue Sky, the Carbon Challenge lets users evaluate policy options, balance tradeoffs and make choices about how to meet the state's AB32 greenhouse gas reduction targets.

Carbon Label California

Carbon Label California was founded by Blue Sky Consulting Group founders Matt Newman and Tim Gage with the support of Silicon Valley philanthropist Noel Perry to help bring academics, environmentalists, business leaders, and policy-makers together to design a Greenhouse Gas Content Label for consumer products in California. The effort led to the development of draft legislation and a simple, implementable approach for measuring the carbon content of most products produced or sold in California.

Implementing SB 71: Sales Tax Exclusions for Green Manufacturing Equipment

In 2010, we assisted the State Treasurer's Office with the development and implementation of a sales tax exclusion program for green manufacturing equipment that was created by SB 71 of 2010. Specifically, we designed project evaluation criteria, drafted regulations, and assisted with the scoring of applications for the exemption, which is aimed at assisting manufacturers of solar panels, bio fuels, electric cars, and other alternative energy and advanced transportation technologies. The framework we developed has been instrumental to the successful implementation of this program.