Whether called upon to dissect competing bills in the Legislature or to evaluate the fiscal and economic benefits of higher education, Blue Sky Consulting Group has the ability to undertake thoughtful, balanced analysis of education issues. Clients have included foundations, teachers' associations, and university systems.

Featured Projects

The Impact of State Budget Reductions on Higher Education

In 2008, Blue Sky Consulting Group prepared an analysis of the impact of state budget reductions to higher education for the California Faculty Association. We examined the impact of the budget on the California State University system by analyzing the economic and social impacts of higher education and the potential costs associated with state funding reductions. The client used this information to make the case to policy-makers that these funding reductions were not in the state's best interest.

Modeling Higher Education Funding

The Campaign for College Opportunity engaged us in 2006 to develop a higher education and General Fund budget projection and simulation model. This model projected the budget for both the State of California and the state's university systems under a variety of scenarios and assumptions regarding state support, enrollment, and tuition. The model was used by the client to develop policy proposals and to inform policy-makers of the challenges facing higher education in the state.

The Cost of New Curriculum Standards

In 2010, Blue Sky Consulting Group estimated the potential impact of the federal Race to the Top education reform program on California's K-12 curriculum standards and instructional materials costs. For this study, we developed an inventory of state programs and expenditures from 1996-2009 related to curriculum reform and instructional standards. We then assessed how participation in the program could affect the state's curriculum and budget flexibility and instructional material adoption schedules as well as costs for instructional materials, staff development, and student assessment.