Shawn Blosser

Senior Consultant

Expertise: Statistical Analysis and Economic Modeling

Experience: Founder, Databasix; Fellow, California Institute for County Government; Senior Economist, LECG

Education: University of Chicago, Stanford University

Shawn Blosser is Senior Consultant with the Blue Sky Consulting Group and the founder of Databasix, a San Francisco-based consulting firm that specializes in complex statistical analysis and economic modeling. From 1999 to 2005 Mr. Blosser was a fellow at the California Institute for County Government. He has worked closely with technical experts on numerous projects to analyze and quantify the market potential for various unproven technologies, including technologies related to alternative energy sources. These analyses have included a detailed examination of the commercial and environmental impacts of the technologies at issue. Prior to founding his own consulting firm, Mr. Blosser worked for six years at LECG, Inc., where he was a Senior Economist primarily involved in preparing economic analyses for corporate litigation and regulatory matters. While at LECG, he conducted a comprehensive analysis of the crude oil refining industry and the market for reformulated gasoline in California as part of an intellectual property dispute involving a large California refiner.

Mr. Blosser received his B.A. with Honors in Economics from Stanford University and attended the graduate program in Economics at the University of Chicago, where his studies focused on environmental and urban economics.