The Blue Sky Consulting Group offers a range of strategic and analytical services to our public, not-for-profit, and private sector clients. At the core of these services lies our ability to provide non-partisan and rigorous analysis to help our clients address their most complex challenges.

Policy Analysis

We understand how public programs work; and that knowledge and know-how are at the heart of our policy analysis services. We help clients evaluate program effectiveness, project likely future outcomes, and determine how to improve performance across a wide spectrum of policy areas. We have helped clients understand how state budget cuts affect social service programs, evaluate the challenges facing higher education in California, and assess the cost of universal health care.

Economic Analysis

Whether it's the economic impact of a public program or a private investment, we help clients understand, evaluate, and articulate the effects of their project, policy, or program. At the state level, we have analyzed the economic benefits and costs of new housing construction, developed a methodology for estimating the economic effects of a sales tax exemption, and investigated the impact of climate change legislation. At the local level, we have identified the economic effects of projects from casino expansions to proposed residential housing developments.  

Fiscal Analysis

With decades of experience in state and local fiscal policy, we can answer clients' statewide or program-specific fiscal questions. In times of fiscal uncertainty especially, we are a valuable resource to clients as they seek to understand today's realities and chart a course forward tomorrow. Our work includes forecasts for a split-roll property tax proposal, funding estimates for the Healthy Families program, and analysis of how the state budget process can be improved.

Data Collection & Analysis

With exceptional quantitative capabilities, the Blue Sky Consulting Group helps clients collect, analyze, and utilize data. Whether it's helping clients keep track of the data streams they currently maintain or conducting econometric analyses of new data sources, we can help clients improve their access to and understanding of data. We have helped clients build large, complex databases and undertaken primary research in order to estimate the effects of policy changes. Moreover, we specialize in presenting the results of our data analysis to policy-makers and the public in clear and concise reports, briefings, and presentations.

Policy Implementation

Our team has the hands-on experience to successfully guide implementation efforts. We help clients understand and prepare for potential challenges as well as articulate and measure programmatic goals. For example, we have drafted regulations for a green manufacturing sales tax exemption, developed the steps to be taken to implement a carbon labeling program, and identified the issues to be addressed in developing financial liability regulations for solid waste disposal sites. At the local level, our team has decades of experience managing local programs and guiding local governments through challenging fiscal and programmatic environments.

Litigation Support

Our subject matter experts and staff have testified at regulatory hearings and participated in complex civil litigation for both public and private sector clients. We provide expert witness testimony and analysis, strategic insights into the use of data and analysis at trial, and rigorous analysis of economic and financial data. For example, from 2006 to 2009, we assisted attorneys representing American Express with the analysis of airline transaction data for a large class action lawsuit. We built a transaction database of more than 1 billion records and were instrumental in helping American Express win at trial.