Michael J. Mazzeo

BSCG Affiliate

Expertise: Economics, Statistical Analysis

Experience: Associate Professor, Northwest University's Kellogg School of Management

Education: PhD in Economics, Stanford

Mike Mazzeo is an Associate Professor of Management and Strategy at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Mazzeo joined the Kellogg faculty in 1998, after receiving a PhD in Economics from Stanford, and earned tenure at Kellogg in 2005.  His teaching responsibilities at Kellogg include the school’s core offering in Business Strategy, a fundamental introduction to management that applies economics reasoning to firm decision making.  The course is taken by all Kellogg MBA students in the first term of their first year. Mazzeo is a three-time recipient of Kellogg’s Chairs’ Core Teaching, in recognition of outstanding instruction in that course.  In addition, he has also taught Competitive Strategy to more senior managers in the Kellogg’s Executive Education programs.  

Mazzeo’s research focuses product differentiation strategy – the relationship between firms’ product positioning choices, market structure, and the competition among businesses.  This research is applied and Mazzeo has developed new econometric modeling techniques to empirically examine the interaction among firm entry, product quality choice, and price competition.  He has applied these frontier techniques in industry studies of airlines, banking, consumer product goods, franchising, health care, lodging, retail, and telecommunications.  In many of these industries, Mazzeo has found strong evidence that links increased levels of industry differentiation with reduced competition among firms, making product choice a critical factor in firms’ profitability. As a consequence, the incentive to avoid price competition dictates which firms enter particular markets and the types of products they choose to offer.